Pixel 3 Camera APK w/ Night Sight for OnePlus 6T/6 & Pixel 3 vs. OnePlus 6T Comparison!


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Pixel 3 Camera APK w/ Night Sight for OnePlus 6T or OnePlus 6 is now available. I also did a comparison of using Night Sight on a Pixel 3 versus Night Sight on OnePlus 6T. The new Pixel 3 camera’s Night Sight feature can improve your low-light photography by a TON, making the darker areas…




Hello Max,

I’m not a professional or expert photographer but I like nice pictures and now I have a Galaxy S9+.

I’m following the OnePlus phones for a while and I really liked 6T. I’m thinking of changing my S9+ to a 6T.

What do you tell me? Does it worth generally? Quality, performance, smoothly, etc??

What do you suggest?

Thanks and best regards,

Misael M.


S9+ has better photo camera in terms of raw performance. 6T is good but still slightly behind.