Pixel 3 Camera APK for Pocophone F1!


Originally published at: http://apkquick.com/google-apk-files/pixel-3-camera-apk-for-pocophone-f1/

Google Pixel 3 Camera APK is HERE for Pocophone F1 users. While the camera on the Pocophone F1 is very good and actually does keep up with the Google Pixel 2 camera in our camera comparisons, you can get additional performance out of your Pocophone F1 by using the latest Google Pixel 3 Camera APK…


Hi. First thanks a lot for this, I installed the apk on my Mi MIX2 and love it the low light performance is much better but I noticed one thing when I switch to front facing camera and take the shot it freezes or just takes blurry greenish shot, just doesn’t work on mi mix2. Someone noticed the same? I am on Omnirom pie 9.0 all the rest works fine. One more thing can you port the new version of the camera app for pixel 3 the updated version with the night sight feature?


Yes eventually, this isn’t perfect by any means yet.