Pixel 2 xl stuck in edl mode

Hi everyone I hope you are doing well.

Please I need help with my pixel 2xl it’s stuck at edl mode and won’t do anything.
I already tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work.
And did a lot of research .
The last thing I think it would work is the QPST firmware file .
If someone had this file please that would be great.
Or anything that would help.

Thank you in advance :fist:

FWIW, Download QPST Flash Tool is at the bottom of the page:

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No i need the ( FireHose ) programmer for pixel 2 xl to use it with the qpst program .

From what I read, Qualcomm doesn’t allow the release those files publicly. I do not know where you will find the signed .elf Firehose programmer for this specific device. I’ve looked through All Qualcomm "Prog eMMC Firehose" Programmer file Download and other sites, but do not find. Which brings around to where this started. Try another search and post on https://forum.xda-developers.com/ for a possible solution.