Pixal 2xl unlock boot load fast boot twrp and it stuck on teamwin screen....help first timer

got a pixal 2xl. a test trial phone. didnt want to f up my primary phone. so i got a practice phone.
so i got the bootloader unlocked and fastboot boot twrp over and the teamwin logo came upbut it went no futher. what do i do, this is the ver first time i have atempted to root a phone … HELP PLEASE I BEG OF YOU.

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did you use the twrp from the same section of the pixal 2xl there is a thread for it on xda forum usually ?
Cant just use any random twrp or it wil cause trouble.

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This one is for Pixel 2 XL: [

Google Pixel 2 XL - TeamWin - TWRP


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