Only Official Released Binaries Are Allowed To Be Flashed after rebooting, after rooting


Hello HighOnAndroid Community,

I hope this hasn’t been posted or asked already since I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer…

So, I waited 7 days after initially selecting the OEM Unlock under Developer Options and it formatted my Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F), I flashed TWRP with ODIN, I then flashed the No-Verity and RMM State Bypass .zip files, along with the modified Magisk 16.3 zip? (I think it was 16.3, but yes, that one)

Everything seemed fine, I booted up my phone, went through the setup process, and I had Magisk Manager installed! :grin: Happy days!

But… when I restarted my phone (I don’t know, I have a problem, I just like restarting my phone, I think I think it makes me feel like it’s fresh or something…) it gave me the black screen with the ominous and really upsetting red error message: “Only Official Released Binaries are Allowed to be Flashed”… So I flashed the stock firmware and I’m currently on day 5 of 7 to trying again…

I’ve done this twice now… it really sucks… and I don’t know what else to do besides just never rebooting my phone?

Please help. :blush:


Im in exactly the same boat. SM-G965F Samsung Galaxy S9 +.
Connected phone to Odin.
Flashed TWRP, Magisk 16.3 (modified version as official version wont work apparently)
Put no verity n state bypass pkus everything else that was needed. Worked for 15 mins. Shutdown and flashed the dreaded red writting with…
ONLY OFFICIAL RELEASE BINARIES TO BE FLASHED … etc etc. Flashed OFFICIAL firmware and here i am.
Guess im here hoping (begging) theres a better way to root the S9+ SM-G965F and not have to wait this stupid 7days again??


Okay, so I’ve just rooted my device again, using the Universal Android Rootinf Method… but still even though I followed the steps exactly;
OEM Unlock Enabled
Reboot in Download Mode and flash correct TWRP for SM-G965F (twrp-3.2.3-0-star2lte.img.tar)
Immediately boot into TWRP, choose “Keep Read-Only” and Wipe data in order to flash “no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0-star”
Then flash “RMM-State_Bypass_Mesa” and finally the “Magisk-v16.3-modifié-jesec” file and reboot system!
And yes! It is rooted, awesome but (maybe I don’t understand what it’s supposed to do) the RMM State Bypass Mesa file/fix-thing hasn’t revelead the OEM Unlock option under Developer Options so I can only assume that its disabled currently? I’m scared to reboot, so I figured I’d just wait 7 days for it to show up again (and not reboot my phone within those 7 days LOL)

Sorry for the long message, I just wanted to be as clear as possible, I guess…

Please, I’d still like someone to confirm if they have found a fix, is there something I did wrong? Please advise?