Oneplus 8 root/bootloader < waiting for any devices >

hi there i was trying to unlock my bootloader so that could root my phone, following this video:(How to Unlock OnePlus 8/8 Plus Bootloader LIVE! - YouTube) and at 6:35 when I type fastboot OEM unlock I get waiting for any devices and it just gets stuck there. any help would be great. thanks in advance

phone: oneplus 8


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Maybe one of these will help:

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thanks for the fast reply. i tried both but still no change

Does the command fastboot devices show your phone?

If possible, try changing USB ports on computer and/or cable. I mention because I had one device that would not work with USB 3.0 port, but worked with USB 2.0. @gregoryaul has had more hands-on experience with OnePlus. Best to you.

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Which op device do u have the newer phones use fastboot flashing unlock

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Need to use fastboot flashing unlock for op8/op8 pro

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