Oneplus 8 Pro VOLTE - Android 11

Hello All,

Has anyone been able to get VOLTE to work on OP 8 pro after Android 11 update ?

There was a method through QPC on Android 10. However it looks like since updating the Qualcomm device doesn’t show up anymore.

The option is still present on engineering mode & in settings but the VOLTE icon doesn’t show up & making a call results in network reverting to 3G (H+) .

Funny enough this update (11) got the 5G to work but disabled this option above.

I am on IN2025 North american varient on 1 sim in sim 1 , not rooted either but willing to try anything to get VOLTE to work.

Any insight would be appreciated !

Thanks !

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Well most likely if ur using a carrier branded phone u will not be able to unlock the bootloader but if u post the name and model number of ur phone exactly I can take a look thanks…

Hello ,

Thanks for the response.

I have the unlocked In2025 , I’m on the Bell network in Canada. Screenshot_20201016-182707

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Ok guys by some miracle I got it to work!!!

Here’s what I did.

Install stable Android 11 full version.

Use *#800# to activate VOLTE then restart.

I then switch my sim card from OnePlus 8 Pro to my old galaxy S9 where VOLTE was working before then make 1 call to ensure volte is working on S9.

Then switch sim back to OnePlus 8 Pro & boom VOLTE is working on Android 11 !! .

Hope this helps everyone i spent 2 weeks trying to get this work lol

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Unlocked Variant in California on Tmobile. I’ve had VoLTE, VoWIFI, and sometimes LTE+ from day one on Android 10 and 11.

Nice dose it fingerprint sensor still work??