OnePlus 8 Pro problems

This is going to be a thread on problems I am currently having withy OnePlus 8 Pro w/ stock OxygenOS.

  • Freezing, sometimes my browser freezes for around 5-10 seconds and it’s probably the most annoying thing ever. I do believe this is some kind of memory management but with the OxygenOS ROM. Easy fix? Obviously unlock the bootloader and install a custom ROM. I have never had this problem with other previous OnePlus phones so I think this is a huge issue that is super annoying.

how do you fix this? i cannot backup my files because it is still loading like ror how many hours

Are you using stock backup feature? Sorry I haven’t used that yet. Let me try it out now.

yes im using the stock backup and yet it is so buggy. ive tried the oneplus switch its more convinient to use

Not sure if possible to restore OnePlus backup on Carbon ROM tho?

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im not installing the carbon rom since it was unofficial yet. have tried the beta android 11?

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Going to now, but Android 11 official builds are out, I would install builds on official ones.


is it available?? could you send me the link on android 11 official build?

Rooting my OnePlus 8 pro get an error Qualcomm CrashDump mode what should I do man pls help…!

While doing which part?

While trying to install magisk by a command prompt rooting my OnePlus 8 pro…keeps getting in a fastboot mode…then I downloaded an OnePlus fastboot rom trying to install it by a command prompt fastboot fastboot devices flash all from the fastboot rom I downloaded…then when it starts booting get the error `Qualcomm CrashDump mode``pls help what should I do…

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That’s not how you flash a rom. Where did you read that???

A friend told me to do it because it didn’t booting up, that was a mistake…is there a way to fix it?


Flash twrp then carbon rom

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It doesn’t matter if the phone isn’ t rooted? I can flash TWRP anyway?? because I can’t install magisk by command prompt as I saw to your video,when I try to rooted keeps coming to fastboot mode and it doesn’t booting up

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did you fix your phone already?

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Not yet,Ill try later Im at work, thanks for your conser

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have you tried running msm download tool?

No I don’t. .I think it’s complicated

just put your phone in edl mode then plug it on a computer and run the msm tool