OnePlus 8 pro fingerprint registration error

Why can’t I enrol my fingerprint in the security settings? It says fingerprint registration error whenever I try to set up a fingerprint.

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Are u on stock firmware or custom rom it would be helpful to us to know this stuff your finger print it sounds like it’s not supported by the rom u may be on,it took me awhile to find a rom that did it all not all roms support factory features, especially face and finger print unlock

I am on stock firmware

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Ok did u try a factory rest??if u do back up with google and just restore when u sign in!!:smiley:

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I did factory reset and tried edl mode but none of them worked.

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Ok in edl mode did u try to go back to the previous version u were on the flash tool gives u a choice of rom to download for now I would go back to a version that worked op8 is having some software bugs for now I would not update kk

I had the same problem, I had to wait for next update until it fixed itself. OxygenOS is buggy as hell, that’s why I stopped using it and moved to a custom ROM.

By going to the rom update before or the stock firmware update.