OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro Android 11 Review!

This is a quick review of the Android 11 Beta for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.

First, battery life is absolutely horrible. While Android 11 is supposed to optimize battery life, it is exact opposite experience for me on Android 11. Battery life on OxygenOS Android 10 was pretty bad for me but Android 11 is a battery guzzler. And that is with 120Hz turns off, not even on.

Second, I get a lot of freezing while using my apps. A lot of random freezings make it very annoying.

Third, Camera stops working sometimes and I have to reboot to get it working on it. I’ve missed some important photos because of it.

Overall, I do not recommend Android 11 Beta for OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro, it just uses up battery real quick and a lot of freezing/camera stops working. Now, that’s why it’s in “beta” so when the official Android 11 launches, it could be okay. OxygenOS on OnePlus 8/8 Pro in general seems to be much buggier than its predecessors. I’ve never had this problem on older OnePlus 6T and older.

My best bet for OnePlus 8/8 Pro in general is to use a custom ROM as even Android 10 OxygenOS was giving me battery life problems.

I think part of OxygenOS falling apart may have to do with Pete Lau leaving the company? Not sure but when the CEO leaves the company that’s not the best sign.

I think it might be better to stick with older OnePlus phones or install custom ROM. I really regret going back to stock so will immediately flash Android 10 custom ROM.


I am curious how to downgrade from OxygenOS 11 stable to Android 10
I tried a few times but maybe Android 11 changed something to prevent downgrade

No matter how I try to flash into OOS 10, It can’t boot
But OOS 11 works

You can use the MSM tool to downgrade to OOS 10 :slight_smile:

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