Oneplus 6 custom roms


hey max did you tried a custom rom for op6? i saw a few but dont know it its worth trying to flash first of all because its a little bit difficult to flash and second if its really has something special other then stock features…


Yeah I would wait around a week or two, right now is just bunch of dust.


There is though renovate that you can just install magisk module and its like complete rom with an app that has some configuration…nice


@admin just to let you know


Not sure that one actually boots to TWRP, gonna try later.


Now that 5.1.6 came out how can we update if im on the root method with unofficial twrp thatcyou gave? A tutorial will be nice :blush:


Ok got it.i did an ota to 5.1.6 after reboot did fastboot boot official twrp…flashed and reboot to recovery again…then flashed magisk 16.4 reboot and done…all works fine…love this phone :blush:


Nice! So official one boots u finally without flashing boot partition wow…


By the way @admin if you want a phone on steroids just flaeh xxx no limit rom lol…this is maddness oh my god :scream::scream::scream:


Kk gonna go try in a bit. Whoohoo!


By the way if your on 5.1.6 stock rooted with magisk just dirty flash the rom and reboot…works flawlessly :blush:


Is it possible you can make an tutorial i just updated to version 5.1.6 (copied the full ota file to phone and installed locally) and phone rebooted normal with no root.
Tried to fastboot but i cannot seem to flash anything there only wipe/erase phone.
Installing the twrp image thru tutorial gives an failed error in windows ''FAILED (remote: (twrp_a) No such partition)


try reflashing twrp first


So p beta has updated to dp2…any chance for a flashing guide @admin?


It is exactly as same as before flash OTA then flash Magisk.