Ok google in custom rom

I want so bad to put a custom rom on my OnePlus 7 pro, but I use ok google with from my headphones and when my phone is sitting away from me on a regular basis. And every time I’ve tryed doesn’t seem to allow that to work. Is there a work around?

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Not sure on that but I am guessing your headphones don’t have a microphone and maybe OP is trying to listen thru the headphones? Maybe there is a setting somewhere in bluetooth to default microphone to phone.

So ok google works with screen off in custom roms, I’m flashing carbon today. Thanks


Kk let me know how it goes.

Does it creep you out that some entity is always listening…waiting breathlessly… to hear the magic words? Google was cool 10 years ago when it had in their mission statement to “not be evil” . It was removed a few years ago I believe, Probably when they merged with DARPA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ve used it with custom roms, I think its just a matter of what level of G apps you install. ie pico or full kit / every gapps plus support… Enjoy.
Next all you will have to do is think…“ok google”

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I’ve tried carbon and resurrection remix. Could not get ok google to work unless I turned the screen on.

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It doesn’t always work on all custom ROMs some devs don’t have the correct support