My 2 cents about my op6 256gb


well after a p20pro,what cant be unlocked (they dont handout the keys anymore)
and a horrible s9+, and alot of praising from max about the op6.
i ordered one.
as i got it,it took me 5 hours to hardbrick it (well max linked the wrong boot.img,my phone said lets loop,you want me out,i say no…) a half hour later and a chinese version on it,it worked again. (btw max said,no drivers needed for chinese tool,for sure i need them on w10pro)
i upped it to the latest ota 15,so that gone well

the phone works great,especially with a clean root ,but i have my issues with it…

  1. some apk cant be installed (ca/art cleared),the tools have the rights to add them (or even the cam app wouldnt have worked) but “installing app failed” … … other big issue is … the taskmanager,i can wipe all tasks at once,but not one by one,like in the s9+ (missing the X) i would have to lock every single one i use…
is there a option to change that,or a app great thing is the hidden folder,max didnt mention it so far,if you are in the applist,touch the left border and pull inwards,its tricky to do,but it opens leftside a new folder,where you can place pretty much every thing,i use it to hide all the rootapps,like cheatengine,xmod,even magisk,and my openvpn… it simply cant be detected by other apps,it starts the app usual,without probs
magisk can hide stuff,but some apps scan by file,if they are in there,no problem,they dont exist officially,no need to delete them

best phone so far,especially the 256gb version

thats my 2 cents
now i have to get rid of prob 1 & 2…
regards N.