Magisk Modules Must Haves!

Hey everyone first post here!
I’m pretty familiar with Magisk and the Modules that come with it (There are a TON!).
But I was wondering if anyone has specific Modules they LOVE using!

Like for me VIPER4Android is a must!

If this is the wrong place for this or already covered somewhere then Max please feel free to delete me!


That’s about the only one I’ve used


MagiskHide Props Config

Universal SafetyNet Fix

Tulsadiver Center Clock Active Edge (includes Statusbar Notification Icon Limit to 7 Active Edge, baked-in)

The above is for (NOS) Pixel 3a XL Android 11 (unlocked bootloader and rooted)

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From memory
ADB & Fast
gputurbo boost
Magisk hide
Riru >24
Riru Edxposed
Core patch

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Nice list, going to look up what all those things do

Xml - allows Vendor apps l
Core patch - kill signature verification
Adb & busy - im not sure myself but i know they important
Riru - want xposed?must get riru
Gpu & lkt- performancE
Mag hide - to be safe from big bad safetynet :slight_smile:

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Also theres couple modules on Here
Just search Magisk
If tou are feeling adventurous

What do you mean with these what does that do exactly?

Core patch - kill signature verification
Xml - allows Vendor apps

Core patch
Allows to install unsigned apk files or downgrade Apps or instsll unsigned app over original and stoll pass (most games are hacked this way)
Its mandatary module imlo

I tjonk it allows for 3xample lineage os to install apps from i.e samsung oneui… I think its that :slight_smile: My s8 without xml cant get samsung notes unsupported… With xml no problemo

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It might be i mistake and core patch is xposed module fP but must have anyway
If u have magisk then also xposed in my book…
But 100% sure
U get lucky patcher make same thing and it will be in magisk modulesl :stuck_out_tongue:

Xml is very interesting say does this work with all phones layer apps or just samsung?

Samsung only tested myself
But Samsung with no oneui rom …
Xiaomi apps have also tested ok thru magisk modules

I mean if you have 2k Audiophile headphones tmaybe ok
But at end… Best feat. Loudness boost (but same effect if edit mixer files)

goodstuff man