Magisk Is Back~

I dont get it magisk was gone ?

The last update I recall was Version 23, May 2021, although a beta has been floating around. The rest of the story is in the XDA Forums

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I hadnt even noticed hahahaha

Et tu @nemo ?

It is not a big deal though right ? i mean v23 is stable so i am sure it was oke if he had a brake for a couple of months

The rest of the story is in the XDA Forums and

the xda link takes u to just the forum nowhere specific

also i found this on his twitter wich he post a link to the full story see link below

long story short he works at google now and had to get aprroval to work on magisk while working for google he got approval to keep working on magisk except magisk hide he is not allowed to work on any hide module he claims that is just 5% of the work so probally someone else will pick up that part people seem pissed and calling magisk dead ahhaha

You would need to to a subject or user specific search on the XDA Forums . Yes, that is what he has posted on Twitter with a link to State of Magisk: 2021

Doesnt seem like a big deal though he continues to work magisk and someone else adds magisk hide function problem solved

Magisk is dropping support for hiding root access from apps

U should read through some of the comments if u want to have a laugh some people are freaking out hahaha

that explains why 1 and i meant count em just 1 app of mine doesnt work suddenly ahahaha

Mine = 0 apps that do not work. Some searching, when and if needed, indicates these may be of use.

what do you mean?

When Magisk Hide does not work anymore, the above are modules that can be installed from within Magisk that should enable users to hide Magisk from apps.

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Great i will try it out

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You will also need to install

Here’s the link… and it does hide and pass SafetyNet on my Pixel 4XL w/Android 12 :

I installed All other versions failed install.

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Also, if the device says Uncertified, you will need to clear both cache and storage for Google Play Services and Google Play Store. Reboot and check for Certification.

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