Magisk a change in how to instal it?

So i have never flashed magisk before and i want to do it but apperntlly there has been somekind of change recently ?
and i read on the official github page for magisk as wel and i am kinda confused as aperntlly i am not suposed to flash it using twrp anymore if i understood that correctly ???
does this mean the how to on this site is outdated now ?

Because the old method was just flash it using twrp and download the app afterwards but now the app and magiskroot have been combined ? so i dont understand whats going on ? also something about changing the file name orsomething?

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There are two ways to gain root using magisk. On android 10 and older, you can flash the Magisk zip from using TWRP 3.5+.

Flash the ZIP and not the APK. Reboot and you should have Magisk Manager & Root.

If your on Android 11, you have to do the “Patch Boot Method” a few more steps involved but its easy enough if your familiar with rooting.

What Phone are you trying to add Magisk Manager too?


I have a sony xz1 compact.

So what they describe on the github page advising another method over the flashing trough twrp is for android 11 only? weird they wouldnt specifically add that?

And what about the whole name changing thing?

And is that patch boot method forever needed for android 11 or only until there is a working twrp for android 11?

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Only until TWRP is released for Android 11. Once you’ve done the patch boot method its really easy to keep Root using Magisk Manager even when there is an OTA. I’m not 100% on Sony phones, do they have A/B Partitions?


Not sure … as far as i understood the whole a/b partition thing is for updates and if i recall that starts from android 10 ? my phone came with 8 out the box has 9 now. so probally not.

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