Lost support for Widevine CDM L1 after Android pie update


Hello everyone

I write to you in the hope of talking about this and hopefully get this issue escalated through your YouTube channel or your website.

So below is the issue:

I was on Google Pixel 1st generation device with unlocked bootloader running stock Android Oreo, then i updated to stock Android pie, suddenly i found out i was not able to play in HD on Netflix and Prime Video, So i checked my Widevine CDM security Level with DRM info app:


So after checking it with this app i was shocked to know that it was on L3 as opposed to L1. I am also attaching screenshot of DRM info app check. After that reverted backto oreo by flashing stock factory imahe of oreo from Google factory images and locked my bootloader but i still had L3, then i updated to Android pie with a locked bootloader again it had L3, So this clearly isn’t a software issue.

I have reported this to Google , they are Just not helping me, its been 2 months but they haven’t resolved it yet, and also i have a thread on productforums.google.com and have found out this problem with 3 more users and some of them are on locked bootloader and running purely stock Android pie. Some of them also are facing this issue on Google Pixel 2 line up. Below is the link of official Google product forum thread:


I am in dire need of your help.

If you want, I will also tell you my Google Case Id and the conversation i had with Google support team on email.

Warm Regards
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