Linux/ubuntu - zswap and z3fold

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I read this the other day and seems pretty amazing running regular ubuntu on a 2gb ram pi (normally it needs 4gb ram)

my qeustion is as followed

  • can you do this on other linix distro for regular computers and laptops aswell ?
  • or if it has to be ubuntu how about forexample say lubuntu ?
  • if this wil work on a pi with just 2gb ram and ubuntu needs normally 4gb ram how much ram does ubuntu end up using to run on 2gb ram?

here is a lil bit more info

Seems pretty cool to me if i understood i corectly great stuf.


Yep, Ubuntu will run just fine on a PC or laptop with just 2GB of RAM. You won’t really want to run something like the Plasma desktop on it unless it’s something like a PC with a dedicated graphics card with its own VRAM. I know a laptop with 2GB of RAM runs Ubuntu 18.04 with the basic Gnome desktop just fine. If you use the Xfce desktop it’s even better.

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I dont understand it doesnt awnser my qeustions ?

I must be completely missing something here. You asked, since full distro Ubuntu can run on a 2 GB Pi, if full distros like Lubuntu/Ubuntu can run on a laptop with only 2 GB of RAM, and I said yes it can.
And even better by running the Xfce desktop environment because it’s more lightweight and requires even less resources.

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I apologize let me clarify.

If regular ubuntu needs 4gb ram to work right and on a rasppi 2gb ram it wont work right unless you activate the zswap and z3fold option if you do that it will now be able to work on the rasppi 2gb right?.

my qeustion

  • How much ram would it require now to work now on the 2gb ram pi after the activation of zswap and z3fold it would have to be less then 2gb ram ? is that even possible just by activating those 2 options?

  • Can you activate that option of the mentioned zswap and z3fold on regular linux distros for computers forexample lubuntu ? or is there something else you need to do this ?
    if yes would it do the same as the regular ubuntu and cut the ram needed for the os by 50% or more ? (current lubuntu needs about 340mb stationairy)

Hope this is more clear sorry