LineageOS 18.0 Android 11 GSI Review!

This is a quick review of LineageOS 18.0 Android 11 GSI running on Xiaomi Mi 9. Because this is a really early beta build, you should expect some bugs of course on most devices.

For Xiaomi Mi 9, everything actually works pretty good, very fast GSI, battery life is pretty good but fingerprint sensor does not work. Also, speakers sometimes stop working until a full reboot.

Camera works fine with AOSP camera but not all rear cameras work, which is same case for most Android 10 GSI anyways.

Also SMS messages tend to not auto sync with apps that use auto SMS verification such as Google login. Not a huge deal breaker but again, this is an early beta build so I am not expecting much.

Magisk root makes your phone in a boot loop, which kinda sucks but you can use Superuser app instead.

Oh yeah, also LTE+ does not work which sucks if you tend to get good LTE+ signals like I do here in on SKTelecom in Korea. That makes a huge difference in my download speeds.

Overall though, LineageOS 18.0 is super fast, and I am using it to write this very review.

FYI, I’ve had zero problems getting good 4G LTE signals with Android 10 GSI.

Grab the latest beta here for ARM64 A/B ONLY:

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