Laptop batterie jumping from 23% to 5% and then shutsdown

So i could not find a howto on to make lubuntu look like ubuntu ? any ideas ?

money is tight right now so i dont wanna risk it before i end up stuck with a useless chromebook if i cant get linux to run on it and wipe chrome os… otherwise for very little money i can buy a chromebook they are used to dirt cheap would be great for these shitty times.

Lubuntu Screencast : Turn Lubuntu in Ubuntu Look

making lubuntu look like ubuntu mate

Lubuntu 16.04 Unity Look & Feel Theme

just a few of others suggestions…

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If you decide to wipe a Chromebook, here is one I saw:

Only one of those seems to be the one but is pretty old wonder if it will stil work will find when the time comes.

However i am hesitant in doing this (Buying a chromebook and then wiping chrome os and installing ubuntu) because when i did research about it there where some obsticals which with my luck wil probally run into.