Laptop batterie jumping from 23% to 5% and then shutsdown

This has been happening recently and it used to happen at araund 14% but now 23% (normally 6%) and it just shuts down wich seems odd to me tells me it is not the batterie itself but the software or worse mainboard is there way i can check i already checked the health and it says i have batterie health is at 50% orso.

Anyone any ideas ?

  • Does the battery ever charge to 100% ?
  • How old is the battery?
  • What is the laptop brand?

Most of the web searches say to calibrate the battery.

I am thinking the battery needs replaced. (Calibrate has never done much for my devices.)

I have a Google Nexus 7 -2012-grouper- unlocked, rooted w/ TWRP, SlimKat 4.4.4 original battery. If I unplug it, battery level goes to 50% then shuts down. Battery is just old:(


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Yes it charges to 100%
12 maybe13 years old
hp elite boot 6930p

Calibrate a batterie ?

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Hope these help!

If it is the battery in need of replacement, I would suggest Amazon battery with a Free Return option.


Yeah i already tried test program of hp both of them did nothing.
tried today all the ones from the second link didnt work.

Either the battery is slowly dying wich it is as it is so old or maybe something with windows? not going to bother reinstalling though as soon as a i stop being lazy and install a linux distro should be able to compare.

Fyi do u happen tot know of any linux distro that needs atleast 128mb ram to work?
also it has to be noob friendly ?

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Here are a few links:)

I would recommend a Debian based Linux distro over Fedora / Red Hat. Fedora is what I loaded our network file servers with back in June 2006 and switched to Ubuntu. Support was a big reason. Ubuntu and Debian are very similar, but they have some major differences too. Ubuntu is geared more towards user friendliness, and has a more corporate feel. Debian, on the other hand, is more concerned with software freedom and options. It’s a non-profit project, and it has that sort of culture around it as well.

Personally, I am running Xubuntu with XFCE desktop environment. Runs 24/7. I like because it is lightweight, easy to configure and user support is free and very abundant:) Laptop is Xubuntu, too, with a separate Win 10 SSD for those rare occasions rooting or flashing commands, etc, don’t work in Linux or Oracle VM.

'nuf for now:)

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Yeah i already ddg some list like these some dont make any sense to me they will have distro needing atleast 1gb to work just like w10 and they call it lightweight …

thanks for this info have been reading about differences but didnt quite understand what exactly.

so i avoid debian itself but debian based distros are oke?


Yes, Debian distros are nice:)

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I do read some good things about

lubuntu – lightweight, fast, easier

That is the one i was thinking about settling on but it used to be the lightest ubuntu but when they changed the grafic interface it got heavier and looked better but not in terms of ram usage way to close to xubuntu (pre customized i know xubuntu can be heavily customized so much that it can look like a distro with vastly more ram usage but ofcourse if u do customize it like that ram increases as well)

so i could use a olde 32bit lubuntu wich only needs 128 mb ram but it wont be suported for much longer and there dont seem to many linux distros that are in the range of 100 a 200 something mb or atleast something a noob can handle…

The Lubuntu desktop environment is one of the lightest, LXQt. XFCE is a tiny bit heavier. That is also a nice thing about Linux, the desktop environment is separate from the OS, so you can change by following a few steps listed online. Then, at the login screen, choose which to use. You may be able to customize LXQt to your own needs and “lighten” it a bit for your needs.

It would bring a breathe of new life to your laptop compared to Win 10, imho.

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If possible, try live version on USB flash drive first to make sure it supports WiFi, video, sound and all your daily needs.

That sounds more like a overheating problem. When was the last time you cleaned your laptop’s fan?

recently at the time i made this thread

Edit: also it differs sometimes it wil be more efficient than other times very weird

Hypothetical qeustion can i make lubuntu look exactly like ubuntu without it getting bloated ?

Also sorry for the late reply

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You can customize to your liking:) If you do not like, easy to undo the changes.

Best to you. Hope you are doing well now and fully recovered!

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mostly fine i geuss currently unemployment is hurting me more …

I tried looking for this now i don’t know if i am typing the right key words but i cant find anything about this ???

Also thinking about just installing linux as my only os seeing as my batterie is pretty much dieing on me going to need a new one anyway but what if i need windows for adb fastboot before i can get a new laptop.

Also thinking about getting a chromebook and wipe chrome os and put linux on it only. seems like a fun thing to do but it is seemingly complex wel for me anyway as far as i can read about it and wont work on all brands of chromebooks.

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The choice is yours to make, no matter which way you decide.

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