Kindly help - unlocked bootloader for SM G900a

I want to put Oreo 8.1 on my old Galaxy S5 but the video tutorial (that is now like 3 years old) says the bootloader was locked at the time.

Has this changed? Is there an updated tutorial I can watch.
Never done this before. Thanks in advance!


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To check if the bootloader is locked. Go to Settings, Then Scroll to the bottom and Tap about phone, Tap the Build Number about 7 times till it asks you to enter a password if you have one set up on your phone. This unlocks Developer Mode.

Now go back to Settings, Scroll Down to Developer Mode (Sometimes this can be found in the System Update Section if its not in the main settings), And a button called OEM UNLOCK or UNLOCK BOOTLOADER (or something like that). If it allows you to switch it on, then you have the ability to unlock your bootloader. If its grayed out then your Bootloader is Locked most likely by your carrier. You will have to request an unlock key from them to unlock the bootloader.

If you can turn the switch then I can assist you more on Fastboot and OEM UNLOCKING.

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Att bootloader’s r lock can’t be unlocked

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I was able to get to the developer options, however, there were not option for OEM UNLOCK or ULOCK BOOTLOADER.

I’m guessing it cant be unlocked on AT&T model phones?

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Well that really stinks haha
Thanks for letting me know!


I’m sorry it’s getting worse it’s best to get a unlocked pixel one plus or xiaomi phone

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