It's Brain Picking Time Re: The Root Tutorial V20 H910

          Sorry about the story, but I felt it is nessesary to give as much info, so someone can help me with this. A couple of days back I was on XDA, looking to figure out a way to get Oreo on my V20 H910. Since ATT has an update with it, and it wont let me get it. I was surprised to find out that this ATT H910 is real pain in the you know what to root. XDA had a few articles on this model. One caught my eye called [ROOT] HOWTO: AT&T H910 up to v20g (FULLY TESTED). It mentions something about this model is no long rootable with dirtysanta and so on. Anyways I followed all the instructions (to the best of my understanding) and eventually installed a H915 Freedom Mobile version. After that it got very complicated and stopped, for a while and went back a few times. I had to stop with this one.
          I then remembered Max had a tutorial on this phone. It looked fairly less complicated. I followed his instructions to Step 20. At that point the phone was supposed to go into twrp, but it didn't. It went into a Kernel crash! LGE Crash handler: Kernel Crash!

If you want to get a ram dump, Please do the following action.

  1. Please connect USB.
  2. Get the ram dump image using QPST configuration.
    If you want to reboot, Press the volume down and hold for a second.
    There is a bunch of codes and stuff after that.
    Last is: Jump to XBLRamdump Mode.

I’m not sure what that was on the phone. I don’t believe it is bricked. Hopefully someone with the right knowledge can help with this. What can be done to complete this and finish this installation?