Issue trying to update Magisk to latest version. Help Needed

Hi all,

I was trying to update my Magisk on stock Samsung S10 and appear to have got stuck.
"App" shows Installed v23 but still has the Install button
"Magisk" shows Installed N/A (see screens below)

All has been working fine **until I decided to update Magisk **.
Its a stock Samsung Galaxy S10 ROM and the Magisk version was probably 2 years behind the latest version

When I select to Install the updated Magisk version, it goes to “Select and Patch a file”. Was it supposed to automatically download a file as the only file I see in my ‘Downloads’ folder is ‘Magisk -23.0 (23000).apk’??

Not sure what to do next as Magisk was working fine prior to trying to update Magisk to the latest version and I don’t want to brick my phone.

Any assistance would be appreciated

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uninstall it and then reinstall it see if that helps

also remember that a newer magisk version does not have magisk hide anymore you are going to have to add that separatley

Some how your phone became u rooted you must use twrp to flash magjsk root zip if u have twrp

Watch carfully

Hey nemo

  1. What’s the best method to uninstall Magisk ?

  2. As its been 2 years since I rooted my S10, I don’t remember if I put a recovery like TWRP. Is there a way I can tell which recovery tool (if any) I installed ?

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  1. open the magisk app and on the main page you should see a red beam/button that says magisk uninstall press that.

2.How to Boot the Galaxy S10 into Recovery Mode? - KrispiTech
How to Enter Into Recovery Mode On Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus

Hi Nemo

Below is my Magisk App but I don’t see any red beam/button to uninstall ?

Is there another way to safely uninstall Magisk without causing any boot loop issues ?

I would say Magisk is not installed. Here is the Uninstall @nemo mentioned.

The Select and Patch is to patch your stock boot.img to root your phone.

The top Magisk displays the version of Magisk installed.

An app to detect root would verify the status.

I see that it is not fully installed press the button install both next to magisk the one below that says app.

Edit: i forgot dont do this u need to delete it i am not sure so maybe blueswerks can confirm but i think you can just flash a stock rom again it will get rid of magisk and twrp if installed then just start over unlock developersmode unlock bootloader and then flash the latest twrp and flash a (custom rom if you want) or flash magisk again and remember u need to add a seperate module for safetynet hide orginal owner who is a sell out by the way removed it or had to remove it because of his work at google.

If Magisk is not installed, no need to delete anything except the App. An app to detect root would verify the status. The top line Magisk displays the version of Magisk installed, which, in this case is N/A = I do not believe Magisk is installed, only the App interface for the Magisk App/program. The simple way to remove the app is through Settings | Apps & notifications | select Magisk | Uninstall. Or, go to the Magisk icon | long press | App info | Uninstall.

The above is only if you want to remove the Magisk App. If you are going to reinstall Magisk, follow the video @gregoryaul posted Jan 2, 5:25 PM or one of the many Magisk install tutorials in this or XDA forums

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I had Magisk installed and it was running smoothly for 2 years
Then I clicked on the Magisk option to ‘update’ Magisk

and thats when it looked like it broke Magisk and no longer shows as installed

Yeah something went wrong when you did software coruption no biggie i think
just flash stock rom with odin and then start over. meaning open developer mode usb debugging add a custom recovery say twrp and then add root and or custom rom.

Does this require wiping all my data ? If so, that would not be my preferred option.

Is there anyway to fix the Magisk update / install without doing a full wipe ?

Not that i know of but i say better be safe than sorry and just back up your stuf and just wipe everything (using odin or twrp if you have it installed) and start over.

Edit: unless someone else here has a better idea ? @gregoryaul @blueswerks @Ludeawakening

To save your data… Jan 5, 7:00 PM - …reinstall Magisk, follow the video @gregoryaul posted Jan 2, 5:25 PM or one of the many Magisk install tutorials in this or XDA forums

Magisk, when run properly, will only modify your boot.img, which is loaded before your OS, so it will not affect your data. That is, provided the phone is unlocked. If it is not, the process of unlocking will wipe entirely.

An app to detect root would verify the current status.


This guy always on point. what do you do for a living blues a developer orsomething ?

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1] I checked my root status and the root checker says its rooted

2] The Video that you mentioned from ‘gregoryaul’ Bypass Root & Install Custom ROM on Samsung Phones! REQUIRES the full wiping of my phone and is all about installing custom roms.

There is NO mention in the video to reinstall Magisk. Not sure why you are saying this is a good solution?

  1. Rooted is good. Just need to install an earlier version of Magisk. But, the boot.img is the Magisk version and not the stock. That is good. I don’t suppose you remember the version number you had installed previously?

  2. Wrong video. Very sorry.

  3. What version Android are you running? Do you have TWRP installed?
    How do I boot into recovery mode on the Galaxy S10 | XDA Forums

I may be able to find instructions and possibly video to help installing previous Magisk version. Here is the first video that may help

(different versions, but may be the same process)

Maybe someone else has an idea? @gregoryaul @Ludeawakening @nemo

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I think this reason the Magisk app displays N/A is because the boot.img was made with the earlier version of Magisk. Really, you do not need to upgrade once installed if you are happy with the way things are working, which sounds like you were. So, rather than trying to downgrade to a previous version to match the current boot.img file, I would simply remove the Magisk app installed that is displaying N/A. The Magisk app you are seeing does not even have to be installed for everyday use. In fact, the new Magisk asks if you want to install the app. It has other functions, but, if things are otherwise fine, then remove the app.

One other question, did you have any modules installed or hiding root from apps?

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He should just wipe everything and reinstall android and start over because theres no telling what that glitch did to his os.

Better be safe then sorry i always say.