Is there a way around ODIN for Samsung phones?


The topic says it all :slight_smile:

I’m on a Mac and as I understood it, ODIN is a Windows-only tool. Do I really need it, or can I get around it using the ADB?

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#2 <-- is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t necessarily want to use it…

Obviously hackers are going to hide viruses in copies of cracking tools :stuck_out_tongue: and since there’s no official source for ODIN…


ODIN is made by Samsung so it should be fine. Besides, if it had a virus or spyware, one of thousands of developers would have said something. So no, no virus of any kind if that is what you are worried about.


Where can I download it from the Samsung website?


Well, that’s the whole point; there are so many different altered versions of ODIN out there ( some even come with branding )… . It’s very clear that people are reverse engineering the EXE, altering it and recompiling it to a different EXE.

Also thinking that a virus will come to tell you that it’s there (except when it’s a ransomware)…usually not the case. A virus has every reason not to disclose itself in order to evade A/V software.


Well do a virus check there is none. You are just being a bit too paranoid. Just use a VMWare then.


That might be the case; let’s just agree to disagree (and also the virus risk was not my point; just a side consideration as I’m working in an environment where every piece of software needs to be validated; a tool like ODIN I will never get approved by QA).

In any event, back to my original question : Is there a (manual?) alternative to ODIN, or is this the absolute only way to flash a custom recovery on Samsung devices?


ODIN is best but u can use JODIN, never used it though. You may run into more problems worrying about a nonexistent issue. I’ve had zero problems or spyware with ODIN in last 6 years so…