Is it time to retire my S6 edge?


Guys I’ve had my S6 edge since it hit the UK market. Bought it outright for £675. Four years on apart from a new screen refit by Samsung when we had Clear View case gate, and a poor battery but i guess this was always the case (Sammy!) This Phone in it’s gold housing looks like I’ve just bought it new and is working flawlessly.

It seems the security updates have stopped last month for this range. But man do I love this phone. Never rooted as I need it for my banking apps to work. Is it time to give up my dayley driver for one of the big beasts. If so what would you recommend?


S8+ or if you have money issue s7edge and s9 ported rom ahhh perfect :heart_eyes:


Well at long last it gets retired :pensive: but on the plus side… my S9+ should be with me tomorrow… So I am joining the big league… :sunglasses::facepunch:t4: many happy years I’ve spent with my S6 Edge… bought it outright when it hit the ground 4years ago… and it still looks new. But yep it’s time… and my Mrs bought me the S9 plus online so it should be with me… hours fro. Now… YES :grin: