Installing evolution x 5.9.1 on op8

Hi everyone it’s been awhile sense I’ve posted a rom install here sorry bout that but here we go.

1 to install evolution x 5.9.1 u must first be on the latest Android 11 update

2 next is to unlock the bootloader using dev options to enable oem unlock/ then fastboot to flash the unlock (fastboot flash oem unlock).

3 once I have your bootloader unlocked must got to about phone and enable dev. options again so we can go to cmd.

4 place your evolution x firmware and recovery.img into your fastboot folder then must fastboot flash the recovery.img to the phone.

5 once I have the recovery flashed must format data then reboot recovery. This ensures a clean flash.

6 then in recovery we will put the phone into sideload mode then sideload the evolution x ota.img , once finished reboot and smile :blush::blush:

And here is a working g cam port😊

Update Google pixel buds don’t work for notification or alarm sounds only when Bluetooth is enabled