Installed OTA galaxy s7 now bluetooth broken among other things

OK, I have an SM-930F (I’m in Australia). I got the OTA Oct last year and finally got around to installing it. It seems to have tripped knox so I can no longer open samsung health which says “because of a new security policy, Samsung health can’t be opened on a rooted device.” Except my device isn’t rooted. I bought it outright brand new and have never rooted this phone.
I also have a bigger problem - bluetooth option in settings is greyed out. I can move the slider from on to off, but it stays greyed out and never turns on.
The other strange thing is now I have 2 new items on the settings menu. “T roaming” and “KT twophone service provider”. From what I’ve worked out, these are from Korea Telecom. Any ideas how I fix this? I tried a factory reset, but still the same.

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So from your story u have a stock firmware ?

I have had similar problems in the past with updates on my sony.

this is what you do.

make a back up of your things and just reflash new stock firmware on your phone what it does is wipe the os of your phone and install it fresh again.

I am not familiar with samsung but i believe u need to use odin flash program look on google for a how to guide on how to do it.

so make back-up of your things
download odin program
look up how to flash stock firmware for your phone using odin
once u have new stock firmware turn on and use it see if it works correctlly now if it does just put back up back and your are finished.

Hope this helps


Yes I have stock firmware. I’d used Odin to flash ROMs on all my previous phones, just not this one as apps are now more aware of rooted phones and refuse to open.

I tried using the previous version stock rom, but the boot loader image failed when flashing. So then I used the current version but for Australia which worked.
Bluetooth is working once again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.

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I am glad it is fixed.

Did u use odin? also after an update if things on the phone start to act weird it is usually problem with the update and your firmware on the phone and reflashing the latest firmware will often fix it so in the future if it happens again u know what to do.

Mind me asking ur s7 is pretty old now why not use a custom rom and/or root ?
will make you phone faster and up to date security updates and flagship samsung are spoiled for choice for custom roms and they tend to get support for a long time.
Just the other day i read on the xda forum this dude who made android 10 custom rom for samsung s2 !!! how cool is that.

Also when using magisk (root software) it has a option to hide from your apps forexample banking apps wich means your root wont be detected so it is possible to root and just use your phone normally if you are interessted.

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Yes I used Odin. My old s5 had problems with apps not opening so I never bothered with the s7. I didn’t know they’d solved hiding root from apps. I might take a look at it again then. I’m probably due for another phone upgrade, but I’m actually very happy with the s7 and it’s still working really well for what I need. I agree, we are really lucky with the choice of ROMs we have available with Samsung. They make great phones and are widely supported - one of the reasons I’ve only had Samsung phones and will continue to.

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Well if you someday do decide to tinker with your phone post a thread here, think it would be fun to see how it turns out.

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