I have many bugs please help


Hello Max lee thanks for amazing videos. As i mentioned in previous supercharge note 8 video this s9 rom has many bugs please help to figure out i tried to use this rom and root but it is impossible. Like when you want to share something from gallery, documents system says “android stop working” when someone sent you location from whatsapp and you want to open “android stopped working”. Sometimes apps closes by themselves. Dual speaker is not really good. Magisk root is not stable everytime i should restart my phone in order to get root. Sometimes phone is restarting for any reason. Headphone also too loud like minimally 2 times i don’t know is it good or not for my headphone because in original rom it was not loud when you was listening to music (max option) music sounds like you are listening from crappier headphone but it is original. I am back to my original software now everything works in original rom out of secret mode in samsung browser (not necessary) and Samsung health and i feel bad that i changed my original rom and root my device. You told “you will not regret if you will change this s9 rom” now please help me and all other users to fix this problem. I generally love this rom and this root but if all this problems will not appear if it will be stable. Thanks i love your videos and I appreciate that how you help your subscribers. By the way i followed all steps one by one according to your videos. Even i followed tutorials 2 times after this bugs appeared to make sure that everything i did correctly. I m trying to give you all neccessary information in order to help you figure out.
My contact nickname in skype: elnurwr10
I know i am single subscriber. You can call me anytime you want. You will give me big pleasure to talk to you. I wanted to talk with you in order to feel high on android :wink:


hello i have the same problems. did you get it fixed?