Huge Garden Spider

Taken with OnePlus 6 using GCam



Ever think of posting on

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I haven’t posted there but I probably should. I take a lot of photos and edit them. Lol

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Wow nice job

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Thanks brother

Looks amazing

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Appreciate it, bro!

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Wonder what you be capable of with that sony camera app photo pro where u can change things like a pro

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Probably pretty good. Lol
I’m actually saving up for the Xperia PRO-I right now. It’s crazy that it’s $1,800 but it’s actually worth that with it being a real digital camera with a 1 inch CMOS main sensor. I’m hoping someone runs a Black Friday deal on it and maybe knock off $100-$200
Then the icing on the cake is it having the Snapdragon 888, 12 GB of RAM and a true 4K display.

With all do respect in my opninion that is a bad idea it doesn’t even use the full 1 inch sensor… also that price is 3 times my rent damn.
bu seeing as they started this maybe hold out until next year see what sony got for the next gen flagship xperia 1 mark 4 if u get it now soon the chipset is going to be older right off the batt its none of my business of course
i am just saying this is their first attempt and the full revieuws arent out yet aswell…

Oh yeah, I know it doesn’t use the full 1 inch sensor, but for a phone, it uses enough of it. It just cuts the 20.1MP down to 12MP. No other phone will be able to take a more true to real lighting RAW image than this Xperia. Even though it doesn’t use all of it, it’s still awesome that it has the same exact sensor as the $1,200-$1,300 Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII and it functions the same, even the mechanical aperture. It has the same Sony BIONZ X Image processor as the actual camera. It also has the true glass Sony lenses inside and out. And it runs Sony’s Pro software and GUI that their cameras use as well. Really the only thing it’s missing is the mechanical zoom.
Here’s the thing, the Sony external monitor I need for my Sony Alpha a7C camera, costs around $600 by itself. I can use the Xperia PRO-I as the same type monitor and remote, and the menus on the phone and camera will work together seamlessly. That’s why the price of the phone is worth it to me. My next choice of phone would probably be the Galaxy S22 Ultra which will cost $1,200-$1300 when it releases. So I’ll be spending about $1,800-$1,900 total regardless for a phone and camera monitor.
Now when it comes to the Xperia’s specs being older in a year or so, that’s unavoidably true. But even at this point, nobody actually “needs” a phone with performance faster or even as fast as the Snapdragon 888 can achieve, especially paired with 12 GB of RAM. That’s already overkill for a phone as is. Lol

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Well as long as your happy with it are you going to flash a rom on it? if there will be one or gsi.
also did you know the xperia 1 can aslo be used as a external screen close wich also comes somewhat closer to the pro i

No, I won’t be flashing any ROM to the phone, I’d want it to retain all of the Sony software that comes preloaded. I know I’ll definitely see about rooting it so I can play around with clock speeds and governors. I might possibly play around with the kernel as well. I’ll just see what’s possible if I actually do get the phone. I’m pretty set on it though. At least it doesn’t cost as much as the all out Xperia PRO which is like $2,500. Lol
And yes the Xperia 1 and Xperia 1 II can be used as monitors as well, but I’d rather have the Snapdragon 888 and the camera that’s in the PRO-I.

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Regarding the sony software i took a peak once on the xperia 1 mark section on xda and people already get the photo pro/video pro to work on custom roms. so it seems possible.
also cool little thing the ability to have 4k resolution on att all times instead of just surtent apps and situations wich blew me away also the combo with 120hz didnt think that was possible but apparntly it is.

or perhaps turn stock rom sortoff into a custom rom by deleting googleplay and other google apps and services and instead install aurora store and microG.
better preformance and privacvy and better energie effency.

Although unlocking the bootloader with a sony phone require u to get insert your imei into a site of theirs so they will know u unlocked the bootloader and kiss warranty goodbye it is a risk if something ends up breaking especially such a expensive phone.

couple years ago there was this guy on xda who made this lil program wich allowed yuo to cirumvent this by using this lil program he made so u insert your imei and get a unlocking code but without sony being able to see it ofcourse it doesnt work anymore been abandent long time ago sony isnt as popular now as it was back then.

Yeah i thought the pricing of the orginal pro was to out there. but i understand why because of the custom job they did with the extra hdmi and extra 5g antennes and the low volume they will sell it att they seem to have done it difrently now with the pro i.

When u get the phone dont forget to make a revieuw here would be interested how it is in da to day.