HUAWEI Honor 6x BLN-L24 Freeking OD on Android


For a minute I thought I knew what I was doing…I’m no longer so delusional. My Honor 6x is unlocked. I thought it was rooted too, but when i run root checker basic, I get “Root access not properly installed on this device” Device BLN-L24, Android version 7.0. My EMUI ver. is 5.0.1 The CPU is Kirin 665 Kernel ver. 4.1…18-g14b03c1.

Can someone help me straighten myself out? It keeps trying to update and of course it is unable to.
Current ver. BLN-L24C567B368, New ver. BLN-L24C567B378

Thank you much.


Please, if anyone has any ideas. I’m pretty stuck here. Thanks, Blackie
Hi all, still very stuck. Any ideas welcome Thanks Blackie