How to update Oneplus 8 MagiskManager

Hi Friends!! telegram channel removed?!

i Updated MagiskManager after reboot the device it’s gone to recovery mood and now can’t do anything… can anyone help me?!

#Boot reason
#Wipe data and cache,
i have got this problem before too but with help of @aulgreg38 @gregoryaul solved the problem now it’s happened again :pleading_face:

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Yeah Rock it’s cuz you need to put a custom ROM on that stuff to get rid of the factory firmware it works a lot better that way

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what you need to do is go into recovery put all your files on a micro flash drive or whatever something you can plug into the phone and then you need to do a format reboot recovery reinstall the OnePlus 8 firmware modem update file and then reinstall your ROM and then reroute


I’m sorry what you can try to do is I’ll send you the magic uninstaller to flash and twerp and then you can reboot and it should boot normally so you’ll just have to reroute the phone

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Just give me a 10 or 15 minutes or 20 minutes to get somewhere I’m kind of driving driving into work truck right now

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Hi dear… im already in Recovery but im not able to save my Data

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What are u trying to do??

U should be able to update magjsk manager right from the manager app

i was tried to update Magisk but after reboot i came to recovery mood as you see in picture… and now i want to get back to the normal without lose my Data

any way i reset my phone but now i wana root it and when i installed Magisk and gone to device download folder to copy Magisk_patched_img but there is not showing to copy it… :face_with_monocle: :zipper_mouth_face:

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Dose it show up in ur pc

It dose that to me to with my pixel some times

The best way to root is to install twrp then flash the latest magjsk root

where i get the twrp to install

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Watch the vid I sent u

i already watching this video and go step by step to root my device but as we see in the video after installing Magisk then go to device downloads folder to copy past Magisk_patched_img into fastboot to be root arable but i didn’t find patched file in download folder

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Did you look .img