How to Unroot S9 or S9 Plus w/ Stock Firmware!


If you ever mess up while rooting your Galaxy S9/S9 Plus or maybe you just want to go back to 100% stock firmware, here’s how to do it easily using ODIN and stock firmware:

This works for ALL Galaxy S9/S9 Plus including Snapdragon U.S. models as flashing stock firmware is same for all S9 & S9 Plus.


I do everything as it is written but in the end when I try to launch a Samsung application, it turns out that it can not start because it is a routed phone. I’ve tried a lot of different firmwares and nothing better. Is there a 100% stock firmware?


Which app you are trying to open?


Samsung Health, Samsung Pass isnt work, Bank apps isnt work. I have no idea what to do now :slight_smile:


Samsung Health does not work once rooted and Samsung pay also, you will need to install custom ROM to make samsung health work. For banking apps, they should work with Magisk root.