How to Unroot Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus w/ Stock Firmware!


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In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily unroot your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus with stock firmware just in case something goes wrong or you simply want to put official Samsung software back on your phone. Remember, flashing stock firmware WILL ERASE EVERYTHING on your phone so please MAKE A BACKUP…


Video Tutorial:


Hello there,

I followed your steps on how to root Samsung Galaxy S8 G950FD but unfortunately I messed it up. I was unsuccessful in rooting my device good thing is that I didn’t experienced a bootloop. After I booted up my device, everything seems to be working fine except for my Secure Folder and Samsung Pass that won’t work because they are detecting a rooted device and when I checked my phone with Root Checker app, it says root was not properly installed. Now I want to unroot my S8 thru your tutorials above, but still no avail. Can you please tell me what can be done with my device? I need my Secure Folder and Samsung Pass and there are other apps like Netflix that can’t be installed on my phone because of this unsuccessful root. Do I have to wait 7 days for the OEM Unlock? Or there are any other work around with this one. Thanks. Hoping to hear from you soon! Thanks!


Sorry, secure folder and Samsung pay does not work once rooted or installed TWRP recovery. I do recommend the S9 ROM for the S8 then you get shealth working.


I think my phone was not rooted but instead, I have installed TWRP, do you have a link on how to uninstall TWRP? I’m sorry I’m just new to this.


Once you have Knox flag set off you can’t use Samsung pay or secure folder even if you unroot.


Oh is that so? Bad for me then. Tsk. There’s no other work around on this one Sir?


Yes, on newer Samsung phones, Samsung has blocked both Samsung Pay and Secure Folder using KNOX counter. Once you set it off(which happens if you flash TWRP recovery), that’s pretty much done for Samsung Pay.

Secure Folder can still work with a MOD or a custom ROM though, let me see if I can find a good method for people on stock firmware soon.


Aight. Will wait for that. All i need is my Secure Folder. Thank you!


Did you get how to work secure folder? I am facing some problem


Secure folder will not work once you have rooted as it sets off the KNOX flag unfortunately. Blame Samsung.