How to Unlock Bootloader on ANY Android! [Android Root 101 #1]


Oppo may use a different method. I don’t have an Oppo phone yet but will definitely pick one up soon for testing.


okey man thanks, please give me information for oppo f7 thanks


So I just got the LG G7 LMG710R. 64g/4ram version.
I’d like to root it. Ive done this before on a S5.
The reason I would like to do this is to be able to uninstall a lot of the bloatware that comes with the phone that eats up 3/4 of ram.
What would you recommend? I read you mentioned a 1 click root? Does not allow for custom roms (ok with me) but doesn’t allow recovery?
Id just like to have control over what my phone does instead of Google always interfering.
Any recommendations would be appreciated. I just don’t want to brick my phone. I understand the risk involved. I’m pretty computer literate but have only rooted one phone in the past and vaguely remember the procedure.
I see that the G7 is listed only for EM and TM models (international) which i was going to get, but didnt want to spend the money, got the R and P model for $500 each.
Will the bin file from the EM or TM work for R model?
I also have a G5. If the procedure is the same or very similar, I could practice on the G5. Unfortunately the power button on my G5 is hit or miss working, hence why I bought the G7.
Thanks for any help.


For LG, you MUST have a model that is supported by LG’s bootloader unlocking site, see LG’s bootloader unlocking method here:

Now, I am experimenting with cross-flashing different model numbers, that could solve these issues.


So basically im stuck until they (LG) release the bin for USA models?


Do I need to wait 7 days for an Alcatel POP 4?


I don’t think so. It may not have oem option on some phones especially on older Androids.


Help Me Max!!

I Enabled The OEM Unlock And Restarted My Phone Then It Has Disappeared I Said It’s Okay I Will Wait Another 7 Days

Then I Changed The Theme Of The Phone From Normal To Black To Save Power

Is That Will Rest The Timer Of The 7 Days To Get OEM Unlock???

Please Tell Me What To Do Or Tell Me All Information That I Need To Know About OEM Unlock


No OEM Unlock is only resetter when you do a factory reset, changing theme won’t affect it in any way.


I Have My S9 Plus International Model For Like A Month Or More Since I Bought It

And I Only Saw The OEM Unlock Once
Then It Has Disappeared

Any Advice/Help/Suggestion???


Anyone Can Help? About My Problem


Is it not there yet??? That’s weird.


So oppo still cant be root?


Not sure on oppo. But i try find out.


I would LOVE it if you could fine ANY information about a way to unlock the bootloader on the LG V35 Thin Q…

I have the V350ULM (Amazon Prime Variant carrier unlocked) running 8.0 Oreo… And it feels like the developer community has abandoned us… Please help…


You will need to use one that is supported by LG website for unlocking. But I am talking to LG to see if they can enable bootloader unlock for all phones.


Hi,there… I make all what you said till “command” I can’t get in “cd fastboot” and I can’t continue to do task
Can you help me ?


I have a TCL no name phone, called A502DL by the system. I did the ADB and OEM unlock settings but when I connect the phone the permission prompt doesn’t come up, and the phone isn’t visible in dev. manager. I just want to root this phone as it’s my old phone.


Using Windows? Then check device manager and see of driver is installed correctly first.


I need help… every time i do fastboot oem unlock or fastboot flashing unlock it says failed remote unknown command even when i am in bootloader mode please help!