How to UNBRICK OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro!

You should still be able to boot to TWRP as wiping internal storage doesn’t affect TWRP. If you still have trouble, you can always use the unbrick tool.

also twrp doesn’t work we are talking about a completely empty phone everything is wiped when turned on it can only show bootloader. connects to my computer, doesn’t show up as an one plus nor an qualcom only an android so i need computer software that can flash the img of the rom so i can get it up and running again

max you’re magician!
your fastboot unbrick program worked :))))

after reboot it,twrp worked again, could not connect to wifi or have any sound output so i had to update the firmware using my mobile service but it worked out fine thanks! i could simply not be more thankfull

Here a friend found this thread on xda maybe this will explain thing

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I don’t think they fully implemented it yet and they just didn’t notify anybody that it started with the Android 11 update and it didn’t say a damn thing and no one

Thanks, yeah I saw that, I am now sending it to OnePlus as they said it’s the only way, even the remote option is not possible.

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Oh don’t forget to post your solution kk

hey, i have updated to oxygen os 11 but after 10 days my security level is down to L3.i tried the same method again but this time no use it stays L3 is there any solution???

What is security level???

@Zedomax i have downloaded the unbrick file and unzipped it i go into the file and run the msmdowloadtool v4.0 with administrator access as it is needed , the computer then has a loading on the mouse cursor for around 5 seconds and then the msm file deletes itself , how do i get the file to open (i am running windows 10 on my laptop)

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It should work without admin access. Did you try that? Also I used Windows 10 too.

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Me tooo works ok here

Hi Dear
Thanks for the tutorial,
But ,After that won’t my USB connection options appear in the status bar , What should I do ?
'I mean i didn’t receive this notification.
Attached photo from google search is not mine .

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Make sure it says transfer files

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hey @user_ajusee I have Tmobile oneplus 8 that is sim unlocked. and I am a complete beginner to all this stuff. can you show me what steps you followed to convert it to international version? Thanks

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sorry I just came across your post after wrting the comment great explanation btw. Thanks a lot

Stick around this forum we have good people here that can help if needed thanks for posting​:grin::grin:

Hello, i couldnt find my op8 in msm. I tried after that to normally start my phone but i wont do anything.

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