How to UNBRICK OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro!

I don’t think you downloaded the right MSM tool. if your got the one on this page its for the Global Variant. T-Mobile’s might be different?

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Hi guyes,

I was wondering if there is someone on this forum who can help me. I have a serious problem…see the post on XDA:

Do you know if there is a fix when running windows in a virtual machine in linux?

Or is there a way to unbrick my phone in linux?

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Have you tried installing the OnePlus USB Driver software in your Windows VM machine? I downloaded * OnePlus USB Drivers – Latest Version to a temp directory on my Linux machine which I made sure was full access in Oracle VM, started a Win 7 VM session, copied and installed (I don’t have my Win 10 VM currently). You could also down while in VM. I cannot test it because I do not have a OnePlus phone available. But, in the past I had to install drivers for Odin to recognize Samsung. Couldn’t hurt to try it. If you are worried about messing up your current VM, create a clone and install the driver in the cloned VM. Easy enough to remove if doesn’t work.

Hi again blueswerks,

Thank you for thinking along: -)

I installed the latest drivers and my phone is recognized when in fastboot mode. The problem occurs when I boot into edl mode. I don’t hear a sound either from the computer that it is connected. In device manager the device does not show up either.

This is I think the issue that MSM tool does not recognize the device and can’t flash the firmware.

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Help! It won’t let me download the files. Link down? :frowning:


Welcome to the forum!

Seems the servers went offline May 11. Forum is back but not the download (files).
That’s all I know for now.

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Hello blueswerks! Thank you very much for the welcome and your prompt reply! I will be attentive to the forum :slight_smile:

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Hello guys, any idea how to unbrick the hard brick?
My phone is always on black screen and doesn’t give any indication of life, no vibration no sound, nothing

Just when connecting using USB it is detected, screen is black so I’m not sure if it goes to EDL mode or not, but the only thing I recognize is when I try the hard restart (Power & vol up) the device is disconnecting and connecting again within a second

While using MSM tool it got stuck after 7 seconds with status “Downloading mdm_oem_stanvbk.bin failed”, and the previous status was “SHA256 doesn’t match”

I tried different MSM with same issue

Any advise please? I’m hopeless

Is there any forum or threads talking about similar issue, please share the link

Is there any known issues if your on Windows 11? I’ve tried everything and my msm wont recognize phone and even device manager doesn’t show qualcom… Please Help!!!

Trying to remove a custom rom off my OnePlus 8 Pro and revert it back to stock ROM as im selling this phone

use a vm and run windows 10 to do it?

A vmn?? No Idea what you mean by that

virtual machine u can run a os virtually without effecting yuor own os

so u have windows 11 but then u can run windows 10 within the virtual machine and solve the problem.

Are you able to guide me on where I can go to get this done? I apologize in advance for sounding out of touch on something I have installed on my phone. I’m not a dumb guy by any means, I’m just newly exposed to this kinda thing and trying to get this solved and taken care of rather quick as it’s a time sensitive issue.

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Before u do that maybe wait for the more experienced people to respond if this is the best/fastest way i am pretty new at this myself and dont have any experience with the oneplus devices.

But seeing as it is a windows thing and a new one like 11 maybe our windows pro can pitch in @gregoryaul

Hi, Your video is great. But I stopped at “Oneplus MSM tool really allow you to unbrick your phone at Qualcomm or CPU Chip level”.

So, anyone can help me out with my Query.

I have my imei number changed on my Oneplus 8 T-Mobile variant when I bought it and I also verified it by dialing *#06#. Now if I use MSM tool will it also change or reset the imei number it used to have ?

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I see no awnser so i wil show this link

Follow the how to install oracle vm install and on your left hand it shows u also how to get a os running in oracle.

Then when u have done that u need to forward the usb connection so basicly if u put a usb or connect your phone to your computer and u are running windows 10 in the vm it wil be detected in the vm. see howto below


It sounds like USB driver issue. Maybe this will help?

Thanks for the reply, I updated the drivers and my computer now recognizes the phone but after I go through the motions and have it ready to go and click start, it says “getting android ready” and each and every time exactly at 18 seconds it says “timed out”.

Anyone got any ideas??

I do not right off hand, but I will try and research. Hopefully someone else will as well.

Post a copy what u have done in cmd in here?

I have tried looking online even tried google but cant find anything?

honestly @blueswerks he needs this in a hurry figure it would be faster to just use oracle vm.

EditL w11 is stil new