How to UNBRICK OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro!

For those of you who have bricked your OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro, here’s how to easily unbrick your phone.

Step 1. Download Unbrick Tool.

Download Unbrick Tool for OnePlus 8 OxygenOS:

Download Unbrick Tool for OnePlus 8 Pro OxygenOS:

Step 2. Open “MsmDownloadTool V4.0.exe” program by double-clicking on it. Set target to “OP”

Step 3. Choose “other” and next.

Step 4. Open Device Manager on Windows.

Step 5. Power off your phone and connect a USB cable to your computer.

Step 6. Hold down Volume Up and Down until you hear Windows sound and see “Qualcomm EDL” show up in Device Manager under Ports(COM & LPT).

Step 7. Immediately hit the “Enum” button on the MSMDownloadTool.

Step 8. Select the “COM” of your device and hit Start.

Now, make sure you do the Steps 6 thru 8 quickly as if you don’t, your phone may reboot.

Extra - This unbrick method will WORK ON ALL MODELS of OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro. If you need to change to a different firmware(such as European/Indian/Chinese), you can simply download the firmware on OnePlus website then flash using System->System update->Settings icon->Local upgrade. Make sure to put the firmware on the root directory of your storage.

Also, if you are reading this in the future, simply upgrade your OxygenOS thru OTA after unbricking.

After unbricking, your OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro will be completely back to stock factory and your bootloader will be locked again. So if you want to root or install custom ROMs, simply unlock your bootloader again.

Video Tutorial:


I am having trouble finding the COM14 on the Msmtool. I noticed it automatically pops up on yours however when I follow the same steps it does not show that COM14 for me. Any help?

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Check the Device Manager and when you connect the USB cable you will see it pop up as another com number so you can go ahead and change the com number to that.

Okay so mine is under “COM3” on device manager however it does not show up on the Msmtools as COM3. There is nothing on that shows up and that is what is preventing me from proceeding step 7-8.

Can you change it? Hit the eNum button?

It does not do anything when I click on enum

Could it be because my Op8 is in a mode called “Crash Dump mode”?

Can you post your Device Manager under “COM & Ports”?

That is what is shows me

Then it should be com3.

Did you extract the files first?

Yes i extracted the files but this is where i run into trouble.

What happens when you press the enum button? You gotta do it real quick otherwise phone will reboot.

I tried it again but clicking enum doesn’t work. I noticed when you first open the Msmtools and under the COM column yours already said COM14 and next to that had the N/A under the “Status of connection” Column . However that doesn’t even show on mine. It is completely empty.

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Seems like an issue with your Windows, what version are you using? Do you have another computer like a laptop to try on?

I am running windows 10. I’ll try it on another laptop I have. I will follow the same steps on your tutorial and let you know if I run into the same problem again.


hey @Zedomax this helped a lot for me actually i didnt brick my phone didnt get struck in any bootloop . i am from india and my device suddenly lost widevine L1 and was showing L3 i tried upgrading my os and downgrading from 10 to 11beta and 11 stable nope nothing worked after this whole method i am back to os 10 and i got widevine L1.i am so happy thank you its a all round problem solver.

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Great to hear! We will keep trying to make problems go away, cheers! :+1: