How to Root Qualcomm Galaxy S7/S7 Edge! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon]

I was reading a tutorial on and after downloading all of the suggested files, I got redirected to this site. Can you please send me a link to where the rest of this particular tutorial is posted? Thank you in advance!


Ok max mite need to update that site I’ll send him this post ok

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Greetings Sir! I’m Using Galaxy S7 Verizon, SM-G930V bootloader locked security Level 25, 2019, Android 8.0 can’t Downgrade to Nougat. I tried But failed several times. Is it Possible to root This Phone, because the phone is running Berserk, apps on playstore don’t normally, it overheats all the time and freezes too. Help me Jailbreak this so that I can use it to the full

Have you tried reinstalling the os could be a software issue ?