How to Root Pixel 4XL on Android 11!

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to root for Pixel 4XL on Android 11!

Step 1. First you must be coming from Android 10. If u have TWRP installed on recovery ramdisk you must use either factory .img file via Android flash tool, or side load via the using fastboot commands This is the only way to overwrite the the ramdisk in the boot.img. If you don’t do this first you will get stuck in fastboot.

Step 2. Next, install the Magjsk Canary for 11. Once installed go-to the Magjsk root install button, tap on it and select “select and patch a file”. BUT, you must have the factory or ota .img file downloaded so you can extract the boot.img. Once that is done, patch the boot.img in Magjsk.

Step 3. Once patched you will get a file called “magjsk patch.img” in the downloads folder.

Step 4. Then go-to cmd on your PC to open a command prompt. Then type in your path to fastboot then type, “fastboot flash boot magjsk_patched.img”

ADB will flash the magjsk_patched.img to your boot.img. Then go ahead and type “fastboot reboot” and let your phone update…

Step 5. Next you must go back into Magjsk Manager and select in setting, “update channel”, then choose “canary”. See if Safety Net passes. If it dose not pass right away, it should pass in a day or so.

File required for this tutorial:

Magisk Canary APK:’s/Magisk-Canary-Android-11.apk

Pixel 4XL firmware:

((( This file firmware file is for coral only I am not responsible if u try to flash the wrong firmware so make sure u have the correct file for your device I’m putting in a link for google firmwares)))

Video Tutorial here: