How to Root Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus! [Exynos]



i followed the same procedure. At step 11 i gave start in Odin in windows PC, then i hold down Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds i didn’t get the screen like in step 12. i got some red color messages by mentioning failed to mount and failed to …etc. Then immediately it asked to reset phone.

Is the problem with TWRP ?
My Model number is SM-G965F


Sorry posted twice Sorry posted twice


No yove not followed the instructions to the letter
Watch the"how to" again


Is it possible to reinstall Samsung Pass/Account after rooting


Yes that should work fine.


Hey I just rooted my Samsung Galaxy S9 yesterday following your instructions. I used the version of modified Magisk that you provided and it worked. I have a problem now. Every once in a while the phone will go black and will be unresponsive, but I will still get notifications. The only way it restarts is if I hold volume down and power. This issue keeps happening and I was wondering if you know how to fix this. The issue made me miss my alarm today. It didn’t happen before I rooted it. I am using a SM-G960F and the stock OS provided.


yes I am going to update with a workaround soon


Hi,I’ve tried to root my Samsung Galaxy S9+model: SM-G965F with Android 9.0 - without success…the phone is dead now…I’ll appreciate any help. Thanks. (after the last step the phone is not rebooting at all)


Try this updated Pie root guide:


I’ve tried … everything fine… till the reboot moment - your video at 10:18 - and after that nothing… phone frozen… screen showing: Samsung Galaxy S9+… Any idea what to do please?


Which model do you have?


After last step, the phone remains locked on the start screen as I do?


Which model do you have?


I’ve managed to reinstall the Android 9 version using your guide: How to Unroot Galaxy S9/S9 Plus w/ Stock Firmware! My phone is Samsung Galaxy S9+ model SM-G965F, Baseband version: G965FXXU2CSB3, Kernel version: 4.9.161-ELS-star2lte-1.2-3#1 Fri Mar 1 09:07:21 CET 2019, Build number: SoLdieR9312s G96XCSB9 ROM 15.4, other informations are on the 2 attached pictures.
Could you please advise how to root it again. Thanks



For custom roms it is same as here but no need to install twrp since you have it already:


Hi, I can’t download the zip file “” only thing when I push the download link, the side is open again in a new tap. What should I do?

Thank you in advance

could download the file now, no need to answer, post can be delated


Yo brickt my phone bro ihave dan every thing like you said but it sais no os installed


You can unroot:


Boom shakalaka…Thank you Max, worked from the first time. ctsProfile passed the check at first but later showed false: what is the implication of this? second, will system update affect the rooting of the device? if so, how to prevent the device from updating?