How to Root Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus! [Exynos]


For latest root method on rooting Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus Exynos models(international models, not U.S. models with Snapdragon), check out this tutorial here:


Hey Max. I really appreciate you making this video and all but I’m having a bit of an issue right here.
I followed every single step carefully and even watched you do it a couple of times before I make the step, but my phone didn’t root the right way.
When I was flashing something using TWRP theres was this text in read saying failed to mount (read only) something like that.
Now if my screen turned off it won’t work again until I reboot it and that’s really annoying.
I wiped the data and rerooted my phone step by step carefully and I still get the same problem.


Make sure you have flashed the No Verify Opt Encrypt zip file, seems like you are flashing stuff in encrypted mode. Then you will end up in a bootloop.


hi Max Lee, i have a problem, i do step by step after restarting phone (galaxy s9+ SM-G965F/DS) to choce country i chose it after i put acc for google after when i try to recover data from sd i put sd card and my phone was turned off i cant torn on nothing not work is dead when i put charge cable on phone he is dead not charging what is the problem? when i try to open in load mod its say Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed please help me(((


Make sure to flash RMM State Bypass zip file.


i make it, i make step by step like on your video toturial, now i restore phone firmware from and now its say “phone are rooted (0x110030null5hN2530)” when i try to open samsung healt but i dont have root acces i dont have super su, wen i download and instal super su its say first root your phone, i will try to repeat your video toturial after 7 days


Hi Max, i try now to root phone galaxy s9+ (G965F) i make every single step carefully and watched your video toturrial many times before i make it but im falling, its was ok i rooted phone i start phone but when i try to open supersu i open it and i press start when i press phone was lagged (black screen) but if i press bixby button screen was normaly i wait 3 mins and after i make restart, after restart its say only official released firmware(((( why i cant root my phone?(((( please help me to root my galaxy((( secure patch lvl is from 1 juli


Hi max as I’m using the root one thing is. Stil going wrong every time when I have rooted my phone all seems nice till I put it down it falss in a deep sleep (blackscreen) and only way to get it running again is pbv- combo flashing a other kernel helpt but I lost camera functionality at all an that’s just the thing I really want to work on my rooted phone can you help me out


I would try installing a custom ROM, Samsung added new changes to screw up root on their latest update.


I’m looking for root for tmobile s9. Thanks I have followed you for year keep up the great work.


ALL U.S. models has locked bootloader, meaning no root. There is SAMFail root method but it is half ass root method and I do not recommend it as it wrecks your phone.



i followed the same procedure. At step 11 i gave start in Odin in windows PC, then i hold down Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds i didn’t get the screen like in step 12. i got some red color messages by mentioning failed to mount and failed to …etc. Then immediately it asked to reset phone.

Is the problem with TWRP ?
My Model number is SM-G965F


Sorry posted twice Sorry posted twice


No yove not followed the instructions to the letter
Watch the"how to" again


Is it possible to reinstall Samsung Pass/Account after rooting


Yes that should work fine.