How to Root Galaxy S9/S9+ on Android 9.0 Pie!


Cheers will try that next week


Kk no worries it took me 8 tries or 2 months my first time. It sucked.


Worked a treat that time only wanted to root the phone so i can mirror to my car radio which dont work.
But at least the root is done Thank you


Kk noice to hear. Dm me


Sorry not sure how to Dm you


I have the same issue. There is no error the phone simply freezes after swiping to flash.


Boom shakalaka…Thank you Max, worked from the first time. ctsProfile passed the check at first but later showed false: what is the implication of this? second, will system update affect the rooting of the device? if so, how to prevent the device from updating?


Hey Max it wont let me DM you for some reason



Thank you it works for me but I cannot switch user to system from this command “su system” anyone got this problem?


Is there any way of rooting S965F (Galaxy S9 plus exynos) WITHOUT wiping/factory resetting the device?


Sorry there isn’t any way.