How to Root Galaxy S9/S9+ on Android 9.0 Pie!


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In this tutorial I will be showing you how to root the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus on latest Android 9.0 Pie firmware. Step 1. Check Settings->About phone and check the model number of your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, it should be one of the listed below: Galaxy S9 – SM-G960F, SM-G960F/DS, Korean SM-G960N, Chinese Qualcomm…

How to Root Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus! [Exynos]

Thanks for your help, but this doesn’t work on the SM-G9600. Flashing the zip file hangs up TWRP. I followed your instructions explicitly multiple times.


Did you use the correct TWRP? Not exynos one.


Yup. Official TWRP for Snapdragon. Got it from here:


So it reboots then gangs?


Yes, but I think your root is fine. I suspect I have Hong Kong, not Chinese firmware on my phone; when booting, I just saw Chinese characters and assumed all was good. I’ll check when I have some time tonight and if so, I’ll flash it and try again. I’m also going to assume everything will work fine. I’ll report back and if everything works, admit to being a careless dumbass. Thanks for all your work on this.


I think it works on any Qualcomm with unlocked bootloader but it could be TWRP problem if it doesn’t work, try grabbing another version on XDA.


Tried again on Chinese firmware. Still freezes when flashing the zip file. No TWRP issue as far as I can tell; I’m running the official version. I am trying on a SM-G9600; the zip file says 965. I think its a bad rooting file for this phone.


I got boot loop i think, boot reach the lockscreen then its getting laggy and screen is getting black and lockscreen black and lockscreen and continues then it reboots to system or TWRP randomly and over again.


That is okay u can at least boot it twrp hit me up tomorrow I help u.


Well, thank you but i figured it out by installing again official Samsung ROM and then rooting it step by step with your tutorial AND IT WORKED without problem


hi lucifer, i am stuck at twrp … my phone model is s9 plus SM-G9650 , i purchased from hong kong… can you tell me how did you solved the issue…and where to find stock rom …i am new to rooting but i followes every step max told in video… hope u guys will help.


At first step make sure your model is supported at all(for root). Then download SamFirm_v0.3.6 program after that look for ROM at official samsung site (type there your S9+ model) then choose ROM which one you are interested in. When you have chosen your ROM type needed data from this program u’ve downloaded before into right places after that u can proceed downloading.
I am not gonna explain how to install ROM cos there are plenty of tutorials explaining it. If you installed your official ROM properly then you can without fear ROOT your phone just like Max Lee showed on his material.

If i said something wrongly please correct it.


Alright i will flash stock rom by going to download mode back and using Odin…i wa suceeded to install twrp also…but whats next do i use the root file that max given?.. or i need to use no varity encrypt and rmm state bypass and magisk… bcoz i was stuck in twrp after i chosen the root file to flash that max given…but anyway i will find a way to root…i wont understand until i do it and go through…thank you so much for reply…


I follow your instructions but it gets stucked when Im trying to flash the file.

Any advices?


I do everything as in the video but I get error and only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed. Thanks for the help and your answer


That’s weird. Working on new method then…


What is the error? During flashing?


Hi i need some help first time trying to root my phone. I get to about step 8 pressed start on Odin phone turns off i hold the 3 buttons and my phone goes back to the odin warning screen (green screen) not loading the next step tried 3 times so far still the same oh and annoyingly having to wait a week in between :grin: each try.
Some info if you got it would be great.

Model: SM-G960F


Volume up instead of volume down.