How to Root Galaxy Note 8! [And Fix for Encryption]


hey max my phone is stuck on a loop it work awhile ago when i restart the phone it got boot looped :frowning: plz help fast! <3


ok so i tried factory reset and now its stuck on the samsung galaxy note 8 screen :frowning: any solution??? plz :(((


I had this problem. Solution is to install latest firmware for your phone. I downloaded the one on this site but I already updated my phone twice and with android, you can’t go backwards.


where can i get the DM Verity No Encrypt zip file




Hi there Mwila, thanks for your advice, but I have tried using multiple stock roms, my partner and both have a galaxy note 8 and i also tried installing the same stock rom she has and still nothing… any other advice


What version of android was it on. The exact version when you last updated


Hi Mwila, it was on android 8.0 oreo


Reinstall stock firmware, flash twrp, then flash dm verify. It should work fine after that. It happens on some Samsung devices, happened to my Galaxy S7.


Hey Max, ive tried almost every stock firmware for my device both new and old and nothing seems to work and it also wont let me flash twrp as its saying it only supports “signed” bootloaders and roms


Which model do you have? Odin should work.


It’s a SM-950 Australian variant


still not able to solve encryption problem after doing everything exactly as shown…help pleaSE


Try this guide, it should work

Let me know if you encounter any errors.


So root working though? Encryption is broke on stock firmware, you will actually need to install a custom ROM. Try this ROM:


If we install custom rom (like lightrom) after installing TWRP, do we still follow all the steps, like ani-removal & dm verity stuff? Heard Lightrom already has dm verity stuff included in its package. Will duplication create any issues? Should the steps be any different? I have never rooted Samsung and heard of more bootloop stories that successful ones. So a bit scared and dont want to do anything in a rush. Thanks much for your time and attention.


Didn’t work! Tried the guide exactly. I’m on August security patch. Using Magisk 16.0


You can just install the custom rom, most custom roms come with all that nasty stuff removed.


Try flashing a custom rom, Samsung has been doing more things to block rooters. I haven’t had chance to check out the latest firmware because then I will be stuck for 7 days again.


So… As soon as I root, I shouldn’t boot the phone but flash a custom ROM???