How to Root Galaxy Note 8! [And Fix for Encryption]


For rooting your Galaxy Note 8, you can refer to my original root guide here:

Now, that root method works well but it still keeps your data encrypted after rooting, which means you won’t be able to flash new files(e.g. update Magisk with new version) in TWRP as it will be still encrypted.

The fix is to flash DM Verity No Encrypt zip file in Step 14-15 then flash and everything else is same. You can flash it before or after Samsung Anti-removal tool. And make sure reboot recovery, and you should see that there is no option for “Read Only” which means your phone has been decrypted and you should be able to flash new files in TWRP after rooting.


hi there i
my name is moo plz help me yesterday i root note 8 n950f but i don something wroung it just not root if i copy file in to phone is not let me saying phone not contted error when i reboot phone is go to recovrry mode but it ok flash with twrp ok but dont let me past file magisk-v12.0 and no-verity-opt-encrypt-5.1 plz help me thanks verry much so sorry my english not good plz help with phone hanks you


What do you mean? Do you mean you cannot flash these files or see them???


I think he means he can not flash the files? Are they still on the SD card @moo?


Hi Guys,
my phone (note 8 N950F) is rooted so far no problems, apart from the security log agent notification that keeps popping up anyone else having this problem?


Flash Samsung antiroot removal tool