How to Reset Passcode/Pattern/Password on Android Smartphone w/ Unlocked Bootloader!

Here’s how to reset passcode, pattern, or your password on an Android smartphone with an unlocked bootloader. Now, this will ONLY WORK if you have access to TWRP or you can flash TWRP recovery using fastboot.

This is really good for those of you who forgot your passcode on your older TWRP backups or your TWRP backups messed up your passcode(which can happen when using early beta TWRP).

Step 1. Boot into TWRP recovery.

Step 2. Go to Advanced->File Manager.

Step 3. Browse to /data/system folder.

Step 4. Erase any files beginning with “locksettings”.

Step 5. Reboot and you should be able to unlock phone without any passcode.

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Yeee I’ve done that before hehe I had a custom rom that kept doing that all day one time kept booting twrp and deleting the lock settings lmao

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Cool, yeah this is easy to do.

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I think the rom I had at the time was all messed up cuz I would delete the lock setting and then it would relock it’s self I was pissed by the end of that day lol

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Lol that sucks balls.

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That was about 4 years ago I think it was the op3t

Oh no it was the lgg3 I had bought