How to remove keyboard gap on OnePlus 6/6T

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Many people online don’t know my method :sob:. Only the useless adb method which removes the gap and makes your lockscreen unusable.
My method removes the ugly keyboard gap and gesture bar in OnePlus 6/6T, I don’t know if it’s on OnePlus devices after (OP7, OP8) and that’s it.
Prerequisites: Magisk Root
Download Full screen/Immersive gestures (Q-R) via magisk modules in magisk manager or
Make sure you have downloaded the latest version
Choose Full screen gestures
Done. That gap is gone and you can use your lockscreen too. Enjoy :grin:


I don’t use the stock keyboard at all but I’ll try this at some point to see how well it works. I use an older version of TouchPal which is awesome. I’ll link the version from my Drive if you’d like to mess around with it.
I’m thinking about doing a little development for the OnePlus 6 before long. I just got one of the red 128 GB OnePlus 6 to play around with not too long ago. I don’t want development to really die with all the new OnePlus devices coming out. You have anything you’d like to see on the phone?

Keyboard link:


Nice job

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