How to recover a backup as a bak file?

I used a pos program called wondershare to backup my stuf but now i find out i have to pay to put it back eventhough when you google free backup program u get this and others they all do it the same way making a backup free and then asking for money if u want to recovery said backup.

I tried it all literally all of them… also they all kinda look alike and work the same what a scam!

so now i tried finding out if there is another program that is truly free to but the files back so far no luck but seeing as it is a bak file it should be possible right?
bak stands for backup and have found other type of files being used it for but nothing for phones so far any ideas ?

To sum up
so the backup is made into a bak file how do i turn that bak file back into my information individually ? either restoring it back into my phone or some how restoring it on my computer somehowe?

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Twrp backs up for free

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All this happend before i had unlocked the bootloader so twrp wasnt a option at the time.

Qeustion is now can i restore this somehow or did those people fucked me hard.

Any ideas ? anyone ?

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Which phone?

sony xz1 compact

but i have been told a possible option wich will try looking for.

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Ok that sounds good

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First i am still trying the root and microg see how that works after i will install the regular rom i want and then set it up.

before i try this and after that i wil finally install linux on my computer but still doubting wether or not i should dualboot.

or just delete windows and just have linux running as the sole os and use vm but concidering the bad experience i had when i tried with blueswerks help not sure i want to try it like that also hardware limatations as my laptop struggles running and windows and a light weight linux distro even.

Possibilty of a trimmed down windows would be helpful but the ones i found really got stripped down not even wifi capability also got everything working fastboot adb wise so dotn want to play with fire even though i am sure i could get it to work now if linux is installed directly on ym laptop.

Theres also a video i saw once a while ago with a mention about the vm but it had a name and was part of the linux distro is that thing in linux? do they all have that ?
anyway i digress gonna make a thread when i get to it.