How to pass Safetynet on Global Rom?

I am on Tmobile variant oneplus 8 and i cant get device certified. I was wondering if there is a way to lock bootloader while on global rom to pass safetynet or is it necessary to do root to bypass?

If I were you I would try msm tool to totally rewrite your phone to global version. Check out this tutorial, it says unbrick, but you can use it whenever you want.

Is it possible to use International MSM Tool on Branded Devices? Just asking before I do this…

No idea, but you can always reflash it with branded one. But I think it should work. Phones are the same hardware.

It says device not match image, its because i need a patch to bypass this just like how they did it on the oneplus 6t. I heard you can lock bootloader on euro rom. Whats the difference between global and euro?

It’s the same, just build number varies. That’s probably the reason msm tool doesn’t work. Fun fact lineage os made international model of my European 7 Pro

I have used custom ROMS and Pixel Experience made me lock my bootloader but the best one was probably Evolution X because it was smooth.

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Try official lineage os, it’s on official software level

I tried LineageOS its just that the haptics isnt as good as OxygenOS thats why i reverted back to oxygen os

When did you tried? I remember almost a year ago when I tried lineage 18.1 haptics were bad. But after official release they’re as good as oxygen. 7 Pro and 8 is developed by same guy so it may be the case.

this year android 11 lineage os, its not bad, its just not as strong as stock rom

Hey man!its almost a year after your this i wanted to ask did you or anyone else find a way to just flash global rom from msm tool on a t-mobile op8?